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Is it dead? I don't know .... poke it with a stick!

Is it dead? I don't know .... poke it with a stick!

Yeah, I know. Sporadic updates and all. I blame my schedule and so should you!

Let me give a brief update on why the updates dried up.

In the last two weeks my time has gone from stretched to destroyed, courtesy of additional EMS shifts at work, appointments, and education. Yes, I said education. I understand most of you are flabbergasted at the concept of education during the summer months, however those of us with real jobs have to get our classes in when we can. I’m only taking a single summer course, and it was fine and dandy until my companies’ training center decided to schedule all of our EMS education classes in a 3 week period. Upside? I get my raise a lot quicker! Downside? I have to find 15 and 30 minute blocks of time to sleep.

So, as of this writing, my PreHospital Trauma Life Support (16 Hours) is completed, my corporate compliance is completed for this year, and my ICS-100, ICS-700, CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive), HAZMAT Awareness, HAXCOM, and Bloodbourne Pathegeons are also completed. (All you need to know about all those? They are time consuming and the web based classes are rather stupid. They make your brain hurt.) Now all I need to complete is Paramedic Assistant (This Weekend), ICS-200 (Online *twitch*), and PEPP. Here we reach a problem. PEPP.  Pediatric Education for the Prehospital Provider. My company offered it, I was all signed up, and my car, in its infinate wisdom, decided that morning would be a great one to die.  So now I have to find a time and place to take it that isn’t during my class at MSU, during my shifts on the weekend, and is soon enough I can still get my raise. Yes, the joys of my field.

Well, I’ll end this rant here and I’ll be back soon with a new update. Soon. In the near future. Probably.


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