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Ringers Barrier One Extrication Glove

So I got a set of extrication gloves for Christmas from the family, spurred by slicing the hell out of my hands working a wreck on 78 back in November. I was wearing medical gloves, but I was inside the car protecting the patient while the fire department was cutting the roof off. Between the falling glass, and more so the accumulated chucks in the back seat, the gloves were sliced to ribbons and I shifted to give the firefighters room to cut. My knuckles were covered in lacerations and I still had the rest of the weekend ahead of me. After the call as I was sitting around and cleaning my wounds, I had a few realizations.  Firstly, I wish our turn-out jackets were 8 inches longer – getting bits of safety glass down your pants is … uncomfortable. Secondly, the number of cuts I got on my hands, just shielding the patient and moving myself around made it obvious that it was worth the money to get a good set of gloves. So, I went online and started reading reviews. There are dozens and dozens of highly rated, well reviewed extrication gloves for fire, but the Barrier 1’s came up repeatedly for EMS. They are normal extrication gloves with a handy addition, an OSHA approved membrane that protects you from any and all fluids and all blood-borne pathogens. This is handy in EMS since well fitting gloves won’t leave a lot of room for medical gloves underneath and the gloves are porous so blood will soak right through.  So I decided to ask for a pair, since people were looking for gifts for me.

Palm Side Showing The Textured Grips

I’ve used them a few times on scenes and worn them around to break them in. Overall, I’m very impressed. After the initial ‘break-in’ period, they slide on easily, fit well, and are surprisingly flexible. The barrier works well, and keeps your hands dry in nasty weather, as well as safe from blood. The textured palm grip panels make grabbing and holding any objects much easier and more secure, but there is a concern I mention in a little bit. I do wish that they had a larger cuff for an easier grip to pull the second glove on. And the sizing if the standard S/M/L/XL instead of the measured size. The XL fits me well, but I’m left with nearly a half inch in the fingertips when they are pulled on. I would recommend that you go to a Police/Fire Supply store and try your size on in person, as there isn’t a good way to measure for them. The only other concern I have is the stitching for the grip pads on the fingers and palms – the overlap past the stitching seems like it will catch and pull during use. However, it has held up well so far and I’m giving them a thumbs up.

In conclusion, the Barrier 1 from Ringers are good gloves, and I’d recommend them for anyone who will be doing patient care in extrication situations.


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