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Stereotypical Artistic Shot

Stereotypical Artistic Shot

Welcome to the all about Dan page.  Here ends your pilgrimage  to learn all you can about that which is Dan.

Hi! I’m Dan. I’m twenty-three, a New Jersey native, and a touch crazy. Though in actuality, everyone is – they just haven’t realized it yet.

Here are some facts about me:
- I work full time for a hospital system providing 911 services.
- I attend Montclair State University
- I work part time at Montclair State doing database work.
- A real understanding of my sleep schedule makes people twitch.
- I am majoring in Information Technology and Philosophy.
- I am an independent – my views range from liberal to conservative.

All work and no play maked Dan the Staff Engineer

All work and no play makes Dan the Staff Engineer

My work life is …. crazy to say the least. My work history covers retail, theatre, professional audio, electronic repair and installation, computer and network repair, broadcast engineering, emergency medical services, database and application development, and more. Yes, I am a bit of a jack of all trades. I have a habit of becoming interested in a field and learning what I can about it on my own. Some of them I ever make money on. Others …. well, they are just for fun.

Now I would be the last person to caution someone against reaching out in all directions that interest them (I try not to be a hypocrite) but at the same time you need to focus on a career path – I personally am aiming to work in the Information Technology field. Yes, yes. I’m a nerd. And I’m damn proud of it!

Saki and Gourd and Sweet Potato Rolls - Yum.

Saki and Gourd and Sweet Potato Rolls - Yum.

I am associated with many organizations – from Non-profits to professional groups. A few of my favorite organizations I support and/or am a member of are below:
- 2600 (http://www.2600.net/)
- HOPE (http://www.hope.net/)
- Radio Statler (http://radio.hope.net/)
- ASPCA (http://www.aspca.org/)
- Falmouth Road Race (http://www.falmouthroadrace.com/)
- Interfaith Food Pantry (http://www.mcifp.org/)
- American Civil Liberties Union (http://www.aclu.org/)
- National Association of Broadcaster (http://www.nab.com/)
- WMSC-FM (http://www.wmscradio.com/)

I hope you enjoyed this little nugget of information on me. Feel free to explore the site and enjoy yourself.


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